Ali Pashe Tepelena synonyms, Ali Pashe Tepelena pronunciation, Ali Pashe Tepelena translation, English dictionary definition of Ali Pashe Tepelena. n known. a Hty Gerald Jaupi History of the Ottoman Empire Ali Pasha: “ The lion Of Janina” “My, my, you love him a lot! What do you want, to canonize him. Ali Pasha Tepelena was born in at Tepelenë in southern Albania, and in his youth was a leader of brigands. Later he entered the service.

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His father, governor at Tepelene in S Albania, was murdered, and Ali went to live with the mountain brigands who infested the country. These documenters wrote that he kept a large harem of both women and men.

Albanians were known as the strongest and most skilled warriors. His actions were permitted by the Ottoman government in Constantinople. Islam in the Balkans: YES in wb sites beforeby other photos Author Harrygouvas. A Modern HistoryLondon: The great pashaluks created the conditions for a faster economic development of the Albanian regions.

At this time Napoleon decided to declare war against Ali Pasha of Janina. Moreover, Albanian people were the ones who contributed the most to the wealth of the Empire, and they were the ones who were harmed the most by the Ottomans. Greek War of Independence — His wife Vasiliqi, was brought to Constantinople.

A long epic poem known as the Alipashiad consisting of more than 10, lines is dedicated to the exploits of Ali Pasha. In early 19th century, Ali’s personal balladeerHaxhi Shekreti, [46] composed the poem Alipashiad. Most of his followers abandoned him without fighting and fled, including Androutsos and his sons Veli and Muhtar, or passed to the Ottoman army, such as Omer Vrioni and Alexis Noutsoswho went unopposed to Ioannina, which was besieged from September The holes made by the bullets can still be seen, and the monastery has a museum dedicated to him, which includes a number of his personal possessions.


From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository. This fact unpleasantly surprised Mahmud II who was ruling at that time.

Abraham Lincoln, 16th president of the United States —65who preserved the Union during the American….

France started pressing on Turkey, using the misunderstandings between Istanbul and Janina in order to avert the war against Ali Pasha. On December 4,Ali Pasha and the Souliotes formed an anti-Ottoman coalition, to which the Souliotes contributed 3, soldiers.

Views View Edit History. His name in the local languages were: He also gave support to the Greek struggle for tepelen from Turkish rule. Ali Pasha Tepelena was the first one within several centuries, who managed to bring order, peace and stability to Epirus Along with this, France was not in favor of the emergence of powerful and independent Albania.

Koliopoulos Brigands with a Causep. NorrisPopular Sufism in Eastern Europe: Since then, one of the main goals for Ali Pasha was the revenge for his mother, punished, disregarded and mistreated for nothing. Harrygouvas at English Wikipedia. A woman of a strong character, manners and pride, she swore to pay a revenge for the people of Hormova for ruining her youth: HardyMonuments of Orthodoxy in AlbaniaAthens: Ali Pasha Ottoman Albanians in art.

InAli Pasha, after long tensions with the Turkish Reformsallegedly ordered the assassination of Gaskho Beya political opponent in Constantinople ; Sultan Mahmud IIwho sought to restore the authority of the Sublime Portetook this as a major opportunity to move against Ali Pasha by ordering his immediate deposition. Please try again later. In he seized control of Ioanninaand enlisted most of the Brigands under his own banner.

The sultan and the Ottoman officials did not like Ali Pasha either.

File:The head of Ali Pasha Tepelena, presented to – Wikimedia Commons

His son Veli took over Trikkala and later the Morea, while another son, Mukhtar, became pasha of Lepanto. Ali Pasha Tepelena of Janina was and still remains undoubtedly one of the brightest figures in the history of the Ottoman Empire.


Although Ali Pasha’s native language was Albanian he used Greek for all his courtly dealings [20] since the population of the region of Epirus now mainly in northwestern Greece which he controlled was predominantly Greek speaking. All Albanian population joined the rebellion.

Ali Pasha established and maintained tdpelena with all the great powers of Europe at that pashw. Feudal exploitation of the peasantry, on the other hand, increased. The Editors of Encyclopaedia Britannica.

Gradeva Hty Pasha will remain one of the main figures that formed the Balkan history; one who affected the history of the Ottoman Empire and especially the history of Api.

Ali Pasha Tepelena (1740-1822)

His first attempt was a fail: Moreover, Ali Pasha managed to bring Albanian people together, prevent them from oppression and protect tepeelena independence.

Ali received assistance from Tepslena in the form of guns and ammunition. Ali Pasha was born into a Muslim family. Thank you for your feedback. He soon rose to leadership among them, came to the attention of the Turkish government, and as its agent put down the rebellion of a governor at Scutari in Albania.

The main goal of the war was to establish a strong, powerful, independent and prosperous state of Albania, and Ali Pasha wanted to be the head of this state. Any text you add should be original, not copied from other sources.