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Turn it upside down, put it on a table and fill the sample with a syringe. Anton paar density meter dma 38, type dma 38, density and specific gravity 0. Results available in seconds Perfect traceability of results. Lovis mme is a rollingball viscometer which measures the manul time of a ball through transparent and opaque liquids according to hoepplers falling ball principle.

The portable density meter uses only two milliliters of sample.

Patent AT B1EP B1 Other special functions Viscosity correction for reliable measurements, also on highly viscous samples Gesture control for easy one-handed measurements Identification of results outside your specified limits Measuring range Density: The display backlight, which switches on automatically when a new sample is filled, makes sure you clearly see your measuring results even in dark surroundings.

Buy this product online Get in touch Document Finder. Follow all hints, warnings and instructions in the instruction manual to ensure correct and safe functioning of the dma 35n. Anton paar gmbh only warrants the proper suer of the dma 38 if no unauthorized adjustments have been made to mechanical parts.

Patents granted Smart connection of measuring cell: With destemmed grapes, which is the classical system used in rioja bodegas, the. No expensive electrical wearing parts: Take DMA 35 with you at all times and measure the density and concentration of your sample directly on-site. Dma m main unit with power cord owners manual new keyboard new printer with portable density meter.


Anton ema gmbh only warrants the proper functioning of dma m if no adjustments have been anyon to the mechanics. Anton paar dma 35n instruction manual dma 35, dma 35 n the measured and reference temperature is bigger than the specified accuracy in the user manual, we perform mnual temperature adjustment.

The seven large keys enable operation of the instrument even when wearing protective gloves.

Documents: Portable density meter: DMA 35 ::

Quality control during wine production. DMA 35 measures riletype density and density-related values of your sample and shows the measuring results within seconds on the large display, ready for storage, printout or export to a PC.

Dma is a compact digital density meter providing unrivaled ease of use.

Solution preparation boiled and cooled distilled or deionized water for calibration 1. DMA 35 gives a warning if the measured sample is outside your accepted tolerance range. DMA 35 is built to withstand the knocks and spills of outdoor use. If the measuring cell nevertheless suffers from cell rupture, you benefit from the unique patented connection of the measuring cell, which allows replacement. The robust DMA 35 is designed to withstand the rough conditions of industrial and field applications.

DMA 35 series portable density meter

The anton paar dma 48 density meter is operated by keyboard commands and has set temperature and actual temperature readings. This sop provides a method for using, adjusting, and cleaning the anton paar density. Anton paar gmbh warrants the proper functioning of the dma 35n, if no unauthorized adjustments have been made in mechanical parts, electronic parts and firmware, and the following points are adhered to. Take dma 35 with you at all times and measure the density and concentration of your sample directly onsite.


The user interface is clearly arranged and you will intuitively find your way through the menu.

Alcohol and mnaual meter: Leave your glass hydrometer or pycnometer for a digital density meter Measurement directly at the sample container Requires only 2 mL of sample, filled via the built-in pump Preinstalled and programmable concentration units — no further calculations are necessary Each unit covers the whole relevant measuring range.

A portable density meter providing accurate results, also under harsh conditions.

Document Finder

The installation procedure should only be carried antno by authorized personnel who are familiar with the installation instructions. Density measurement of biodiesel Application Reports en. A portable density meter providing accurate results, also under harsh conditions The splash-proof DMA 35 is made for density and concentration measurement in harsh environments, including outdoor operation, while providing the accuracy expected from a lab instrument.

The density measurements helps identifying the type and quality of petroleum-based samples. Do not use any accessories other than those supplied or approved by anton paar gmbh.

Unbeaten usability fiketype for fast measuring routines Fill all kinds of samples — no matter what the viscosity is — in one second using the built-in pump or a syringe. Anton paar gmbh is not liable for damages caused by incorrect use of dma m.

D,a has air input and output and water input and output. Use of anton paar density meter model or