Much of the intense current interest in collective memory concerns the politics of memory. In a book that asks, “Is there an ethics of memory?” Avishai Margalit. Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data. Margalit, Avishai, –. The ethics of memory / Avishai Margalit. p. cm. Includes bibliographical references. Preview. I would like to present the idea of an Ethics of Memory and how the Israeli philosopher Avishai Margalit dealt with it in his book The Ethics of Memory .

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But what makes Avisahi so difficult to read is his personal usage of concepts and terms that are well known both in ordinary and in philosophical language.

Harvard University Press, If you are looking for a modern book of moral philosophy that is relevant, clear, engaging and well written this book is for you. He brings it out in broad daylight, and thee wonder of his exposition, which touches unblinkingly on a number of horrible subjects, is that it carries such a distinctly humane flavor.

The Ethics of Memory

To ask other readers questions about The Ethics of Memoryplease sign up. On Firms and the Next Generations: For my own part, I don’t give a hoot about leaving a trace.


One might ask why I am interested in political as well as ethical and moral considerations on memory such as Margalit has dealt with in a significant range of his socio-philosophical works during the last ten years.

Issues in Philosophy and Psychology. First and foremost, I hold the view that history in the sense of historical research and historiography—as any kind of knowledge— grounds the human faculty of memory or recollection. Interviewed after his promotion to colonel, he failed to remember the man’s name. He’s respectful of religion, and uses many religious scriptural examples, but it’s an attempt at a purely humanistic ethics. Most of us think morality is what governs our thick personal relations among other thingswhile ethics, a matter of official committees and rules, covers our impersonal, thin relations.

Margalit opposes Ecclesiastes, claiming that “the project of memory is not vanity of vanities”. Is there an ethics of memory, and if so what does it consist in?

Jordi Gabriel avishao it liked it Jan 25, The book’s main idea is that human beings have an ethical obligation to remember past persons and events. But if you are involved in such relations you do have obligations of memory, individual and communal.

Do we have an obligation to forget certain things? This is at least what the title of his book The Ethics of Memory avishaai.

The Ethics of Memory

Science Logic and Mathematics. Join Our Mailing List: Succinctly put, Powell’s is a book lovers paradise. Packed in a cattle truck and starving, they are reduced to eating the cardboard nametags tied round their necks. Why wasn’t the name of this fallen soldier scorched on his commander’s heart? Sign in Create an account. A New Focus for Research. In doing so, up to now, historians often rely on a diffuse meaning of historical objectivity.


Review: The Ethics of Memory by Avishai Margalit | Books | The Guardian

The Value of Memory: The Ethics of Memory Avishai Margalit. Paperbackpages. The desire for posthumous fame seems to me utterly mysterious, as it did to Isaiah Berlin. So why on earth does Margalit say that there is little or no morality of memory? Ultimately, the book leads to the importance of human forgiveness as covering up rather than blotting out. At times, I found Margalit’s choice of sub-topics to be a little scattershot, and might have benefitted from some tighter transitions, but nonetheless I found the book enjoyable and thought provoking.

Edward Lear is an apt character to think about thr Christmas-time.