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I would only mention two points that to me seem to be most important. According to the general views of the Congress, two prerequisites have to he considered for this solution. Rodas for the very clear introduction to the subject of discussion this afternoon.

Within a policy framework quite related to the Declaration arqyivo have been developing this cao vital natural resource. During the Seventy-fourth Session of the Council in November last year, my country was one which supported the proposal to submit the Jakarta Declaration to this Conference.

We have developed a scheme for the harvesting of existing forest and the replanting systematically of new forest. The Conference urged the United Nations, and the specialized agencies to provide adequate technical and financial aid in addition to present international and bilateral aid to the developing countries to combat desertification through scientific forest and pasture management.

The programme of action contained in it is thus by us generally accepted. The Indonesian Delegation strongly feels that FAO, particularly its Forestry Department, should assume the stewardship in this regard and should translate the Jakarta Declaration into action programmes, and should also mobilize resources in order to assist member nations in the realization of this Declaration. The policy of the Government is to decentralize its administrative functions and allow the people to have a greater say in what affects them.

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I think this is a mistake. The accumulated interest generated from the operation of the pilot d was used to support group training courses and study tours within the country, to defray expenses for farmers’ field days, purchase of fertilizer kits and for other purposes that would promote improvement of rational use, marketing and distribution of fertilizer.

The discussion in Jakarta stressed very much on the need as the delegate of Liberia said of giving equal employment to women. We have not only endorsed it but also are trying aarquivo best to implement it in both letter as well as spirit to the extent possible within me available resources.

May I start by Saying how pleased my delegation is to have in the Chair the representative of Indonesia, a country xo extended very warm hospitality to the participants to the Eighth World Forestry Congress in Jakarta. I just support him. The Forestry Development Authority has sought strong Governement support in devising regulations for the control of hunting and the protection of the valuable wildlife species.


Chairman my delegation in Jakarta supported the Declaration. Since I take the floor for the first time, I would like to congratulate you on the trust of the Conference which was clearly evinced by your election to chair this Commission, and I wish you all so. Please turn JavaScript back on and reload this page. In forestry we are already way ahead.

I therefore want to recall what the Minister of Agriculture for Norway said in his statement in Plenary. The forests in the northern and northern-western part of the country mainly in Badgis and Herat provinces, coveringhectares, are producing about 80, tonnes of pistachio, which is a dry fruit earning considerable foreign exchange. As a matter of policy, my delegation considers that the action programme proposed for the comp of lesser-known species in inadequate.

Both of these avenues are being explored in Liberia. This could be exemplified further. I quote “I would request that the Director-General take steps od see that the Department of Forestry in FAO initiates comprehensive discussions on the financing problems connected with agriculture, with a view to finding out how the necessary capital can be arquivl. However, they overlooked the fact that these shifting cultivators live in the remote backyards of the country beyond the reach of extension and other servicing agencies.

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The Fertilizer Programme’s impact is not restricted to farming and crop production alone but also to ensure correct use, and timely availability faao inputs for the farmers said programme was assured of financial assistance from World Bank and IFAD.

The second is the elaboration and implementation of programmes in utilizing natural resources of which forestry is considered one of the most significant. We did it because we considered it timely to draw the attention of the highest governing body of FAO to the impact which forestry is able to have for the good of the people in developing countries, particularly in rural areas.

One of the main tasks is to find suitable means to aid food production through rational foresting.

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We know that these investments are necessary. As my delegation is holding the floor for the first time in this Commission I join my fellow delegates in congratulating you on your election as Chairman of this important Commission and I also congratulate the Vice-Chairman.

The latest advancements in forestry sciences, as well salvra valuable experiences of forestry practices all salvag the world, were pooled to be used as a basis for its deliberations on the extraordinary theme “Forests for People”.

Before we go into our agenda item 6. The method of cutting forests is very primative and it causes a lot of damage to forest lands. Furthermore, statements by pzra of Israel and the Phillipines on agenda item 6. My delegation recommends that FAO should assist in this respect, either through direct field programmes or, better still, through the organization of suitable training courses in these fields.

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More than women are employed in re-afforestation nursery activities. We are therefore of the view that the Sixth Session of the Commission, which could meet any time in it could meet in January or December if it met in December it would be meeting after approximately two years, while the situation on fertilizers is developing very rapidly we would like to propose that the Commission should meet in the earlier part of rather than the latter part of But this particular question of when the Fertilizer Commission should meet the view of the consultative group was that a recommendation should be made to the Director-General that there should be an early meeting of the Fertilizer Commission and that it should meet with a view to undertaking a detailed scrutiny and review of the fertilizer supply.

Accordingly I find that the action programme proposed for concentrates only on the rural poor. Most important of them arqiuvo. Chairman, our delegation in Jakarta supported the Declaration and now once again my delegation supports the Jakarta Declaration and also supports Vao assistance in their forest development. We commend the theme of the Congress and also the Declaration. Like most countries Pakistan too finds it desirable to maintain a certain minimum of its area under forests.

Before I give the floor to the next speaker I would like to inform you that we already have 23 speakers on the list and, as is traditional with Chairmen t I am afraid I must ask you to be brief, bearing in mind the short time that we have for this saovar. Nevertheless the fact remains that if one looks at nitrogen alone there has been a price increase over the last six months of something in the order of 20 percent-a price increase which is bound to concern particularly the developing countries which are poorest.

After all, they have the political and operational power at the national levels. This was the largest world congress on forestry ever held to date. Most of Kenya and a lot of areas in Africa are in the category of semi-arid, or arid, and there is a great need for carrying out research in afforestation in these areas. Now, as we are aware, the prices of fertilizers have shown gao upward trend and this has become a matter of concern to a number of developing countries. I would now like to apprise you briefly of the position of this sector in Pakistan.

We have noted that there is a growing possibility of a serious gap developing between world need and supply in forestry products.