The E6B flight computer, nicknamed the “whiz wheel” or “prayer wheel”, is a form of circular Manual E6Bs/CRP-1s remain popular with some users and in some environments rather than the electronic ones because they are lighter, smaller. A Pilots Guide on How to use the E6B Flight Computer by lriccc in Types > Instruction manuals. E6B Flight Computer Instructions. Instructions for the E6B Flight Computer. ASA’s E6-B features a wind component grid and comprehensive crosswind correction.

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In the ground exams for numerous pilot ratings, coputer calculators or calculators containing flight planning software are permitted to be used. These scales are named and highlighted below:. The center metal piece that slides up and down and makes up the majority of the computer labeled 5 is only used with computdr back side.

The center hole marks our ground speed and your pencil mark shows our left or right wind correction angle in degrees.

Views Read Edit View history. Complete the problem by use of the formulas. I still keep one in my flight bag, even with xomputer airlines. In this case, our fuel is 9 gallons per hour.

E6B – Wikipedia

C to F conversion is a lifesaver for PAs. Yes, there are modern electronic versions of the E6B out there which have all of the functionality of a mechanical E6B and can easy be learned by manuall the six page instruction sheet in all of about 20 minutes.

This is co,puter common operation that needs to be done comouter fill out a Nav log or during a diversion in the air. Navycopied by the Japanese, and improved on by the Germans, through Siegfried Knemeyer ‘s invention of the disc-type Dreieckrechner device, somewhat similar to the eventual E6B’s backside compass rose dial in general appearance, but having the compass rose on the front instead for real-time calculations of the wind triangle at any time while in flight.


Rotate the wheel to align your numerator on Scale A with your denominator on Scale B. Enter your email below to receive notifications as soon as new posts are published! Thanks so domputer for putting this together. From this point, move horizontally to the left margin to determine a headwind component of 26 kt.

ASA eBooks

Is going to take hours, minutes, or seconds to get between these two points? Learning how to use an E6B is going to be a piece of cake!

Although digital E6Bs are easier to use, flight schools today are still teaching their lessons based on mechanical E6Bs [3]and for FAA pilot written exams and checkrides pilots are computeer to bring their mechanical E6Bs with them for necessary calculations. Mark Wind Dot up from Grommet. To solve this problem with a flight computer, first the wheel is turned so the wind direction C is at the top of the wheel. On the inner scale, minutes may be translated to hours and minutes by reference to the hour scale, which is below and inside the inner scale.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. To determine the comouter wind speed and direction, you need to have the variables of groundspeed, TAS, true heading and true course. The words in quotations above are the first words printed in the 50 page instruction manual that came with my E6B.

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Line up this rate arrow with the known airspeed of on the A scale. This arrow is used as a reference to a rate, such as knots nautical miles per hour flighht gallons per hour. It can also be used for multiplication and division. In aviation, the same concept applies.


Read you groundspeed off of the pointer. Also, I learnt how to use the E6B in 30 minutes, close enough to 20! In this example you will get about 6 degrees. An aluminium version was made by the London Name Plate Mfg. It was helpful for me. Readers like yourself are my editors. It was hugely popular with both the military and the airlines. If you suspect it will take hours between legs, the method is the same except: I designed it to be read vomputer and practiced in about 20 minutes, the same time it takes to become familiar with the electronic version.

Im sure over time, you will find the E6B to be faster can a calculator. Slide your pencil mark to your airspeed line. We suggest converting TC and wind true to magnetic because pilot activities are in terms of magnetic headings, courses, runways, radials, bearings, and final approach courses.

We can determine the wind correction as follows hint: These are commonly available on collectible auction web sites.

Check out our Products. Now slide the metal slider so that the pencil mark you made lines up with your true air speed. In this example, the ground speed is kts. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

The first tick mark to the right of “35” may represent 3. Wind Correction Angle, in degrees, as it might be programmed into a computer which includes conversion of degrees to radians and back:. It is also where you will read all variables except time. The circular portion can be turned. The designation “E-6B” was officially marked on the device only for a couple of years.