ISO is the new standard for water foot printing that will provide this consistency and give water footprint results credibility. Water Footprint (ISO ) in Latin America, State of the Art and Recommendations for Assessment and Communication. ISO provides sound principles, requirements and guidelines to assess water footprint and make informed decisions to minimize negative.

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By continuing to access the site you are agreeing to their use. No, ISO only regulates the quantification aspects. Check out our FAQs.

ISO Standard – Water Footprint Verification | Chemical | SGS

Its reporting, in accordance with ISOidentifies the elements that contribute the most to Life Cycle Assessment LCA by allowing you to define the strategies for reducing this consumption, in order to: By Maria Lazarte on 18 March Is it health, nature, urbanization, industry, energy, food or equality?

Related pages ISO Environmental management Improve your environmental performance with this family of standards. To learn more or deny consent, consult the cookie policy. Corporate info Privacy Cookies. The new ISO standard for water footprint is being developed in response to this concern.

Water Footprint represents direct and indirect water consumption for a product, service or a production activity of an organisation. By Clare Naden on 14 August Water use and management is a key consideration for any organization in light of growing demand for resources and increasing water scarcity.


ISO 14046 Water footprint – Principles, requirements and guidelines

We verify that your organization meets the requirements of ISO Whereas reporting is within the scope of ISO You can find more information about this standard and its applications in the ISO briefing note. X Find out what cookies we use and how to disable them.

Water is all these and more. However, a third party report is foreseen. Prior to ISO, there were no international standards relating to water usage.

A wateg footprint is a way of assessing potential environmental impacts related to water. ISO includes consistent tools for measuring water usage in addition to management systems and industry best processes and practices.

Water Footprint

The result of a water footprint assessment is a single value or a profile of impact indicator results. What is ISO ? Organizations applied a variety of techniques to arrive at data related to water usage for environmental reports or product packaging and documentation. And ISO gives you the option to assess your water footprint as a standalone study where only the impacts relating to water are considered.

Proof sent to secretariat or FDIS ballot initiated: ISO water footprint verification through SGS gives you a competitive edge by providing proof of your acceptance of the new standard.


A practical guide for SMEs: ISO Water footprint

According to ISOa company can claim to have reported its water footprint when it has analysed all the associated markers, and not just some of them. SGS auditors thoroughly understand these standards.

What is a water footprint? You may also like Road safety management system. What are the possible indicators of the water footprint?

They are able to provide you with feedback on your water usage, and make recommendations on ways to bring your organization into line with ISO This site or the third party tools it uses, make use 140046 cookies needed to function and useful for the purposes indicated in the cookie policy. Growing water demand, increasing scarcity and degradation of water quality means that its use and management have become central to the global debate on sustainability.

You can demonstrate your commitment to this innovative water stewardship program through ISO water footprint verification and water footprint training by SGS. ISO verification by SGS includes a comprehensive, analysis of your water usage and your water management system.