sA’ADAt HAsAN mANto. Open It!*. The special train left Amritsar at two in the afternoon, taking eight hours to reach Mughalpura. Quite a few passengers were . “Khol Do” is one of the most famous and controversial stories of Manto. It is one of the masterpiece depicting the effects of violence during the. This story is published as “Khol Do” in a new translation by Aatish Taseer of Saadat Hasan Manto’s Selected Stories (Random House India).

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Dejected and tired, Sirajuddin sat down, and tried to recall exactly where and how he had lost Sakina. The moment she heard the truck, she began to run. The doctor broke into a cold sweat.

Only the body of a girl lay on the stretcher. Stofies are so depraved that in the garb of social workers we rape the helpless girlthe daughter of an old man who has lost every thing and is living on the hope to see his daughter one day. His tight headgear loosened, Eesher Singh stood quietly in the corner.

Manto’s Mirror To Partition: A Feminist Review Of ‘Khol Do’

Refresh and try again. Garima rated it it was amazing Apr 21, You are commenting using your WordPress. He still finds the dupatta in his pocket, but where is Sakina…??? When he finds her she is in agonizing stoories because she was raped by the men who had promised to bring her back.


Khol Do – Saadat Hasan Manto

He knew then that he needed help. At night, he would pray for the success of the young men who were looking for his daughter. He was in need of comfort, but then so were all the people scattered round him.

Priyanka Grover rated it really liked it Feb 26, See here for a longer discussion on the spectrum of violence undergone by females hkol Hindu, Muslim and Sikh communities. Look at the pathos in the mantp.

It did not make sense. When Sirajuddin opened his eyes the next morning, he found himself lying on the cold ground of a refugee camp. There was an uproar all around — some of the refugees were searching for their children, others for their mothers; some for their wives and others for their daughters. Wish I knew Urdu as I believe no translated work could perspire the same essence as the original one… Reply. He loosened his grip and fell next to Kalwant Kaur panting.

Manto’s Mirror To Partition: A Feminist Review Of Khol Do

He began to follow them. Eesher Singh dropped his dagger on storues floor and lied in bed. One of them gave her his jacket so that she could cover herself.

She gave a start at mano sound of the lorry and began to run. At the risk of their lives, they went to Amritsar. Old Sirajuddin cried with happiness, “She’s alive, my daughter’s alive!


Laiba Shahid rated it it was amazing Jan 09, A few days later, he had a break. Kalwant Kaur was steaming. They had stopped the truck, jumped out and run after her.

Sep 23, Sreeraj Arole rated it really liked it. One of the most celebrated of these is Saadat Hasan Manto, whose short stories represented the overarching societal breakdown in the Partition, that resulted in widespread massacres and rapes across Punjab, Bengal, and other parts of North India.

The structure of her chin signified a strong woman. Wish I knew Urdu as I believe no translated work could perspire the same essence as the original one….

And then suddenly kol realizes that Sakina is not with him, nowhere.

Barsa By Kadeeja Mumtas. His choice of words is superb. Aug 27, Jatin Mehta rated it it was amazing. Sirajuddin wanted to cry, but his eyes would not co-operate. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Eesher darling, I swear to Waheguru, I smell a rat.